The Start of Mount Moriah


The history of the church started on November 20 1996 on a Wednesday night prayer meeting which was held at Mickey and Vickie Hay's home.  Bro. Paul Lucas Spoke and Kevin Turner led the singing and Deborah Madison played the piano.  Bro. Paul read in the  Bible from Genesis 22 about Abraham taking his son Isaac top of Mt. Moriah to be sacrificed.  He then told us that he was going to name the new church Mt. Moriah Baptist Church because it meant "The Lord hath provided".  There were about 60 people present for that first Wednesday night meeting.  And a new work had just begun.


Armory BuildingNow that the Church had been formed from that Wednesday night prayer service we needed a place to hold our first service, and that place was the Armory building in town.  We were able to hold our weekly church service there for three weeks.  Its was a nice place to start and it was warm and plenty of room but we could only use it for three weeks, after that we had to find another place.


BarnThe next place was a Barn yes a Barn, it was cold you had to wear your coat in church, put it was a place were we could hold church.  The time frame was around Christmas 1996.  We were only there for two weeks before the Lord answered our prays.


Old Catholic Church In the new year of 1997 we rented a building on Nashville Hwy from the Catholic Church.  And this would be our home for the next few years.  As the church grew over the years we had to go to two services in the morning 8:30am and11:00am so we could accommodate all the new members and we grew over the years we knew the next phase would be to buy land and build a new church.


Church landIn 1999 we bought the land that would be the home for our new Church.  This was a great time and a big event in the future of Mount Moriah Baptist Church.  The next step was to make plans to build a new church.


New ChurchIn the year 2000 we broke ground on the new church and in 2001 the building was up and we moved in the down stairs were we had a Sanctuary and Sunday school rooms.  And then it was time to make plans to finish the upstairs, buy the end of 2004 the upstairs of the church was done and we had our new Sanctuary just before Christmas.


This is not the end of the History of Mount Moriah Baptist Church but just the beginning.  As we wait on the Lord and go to him in prayer and reach out to our community.  We believe that our Lord Jesus Christ has great plans for us as a church.  And we would like you to be a part of our Church's History.